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PPA designates a location for your vessels when they are not at sea. We provide a vertical front which allows safe and secure mooring. We currently have 1,119 linear meters Quay Length enough to accommodate local and foreign vessels.


Pursuant to PPA’s policy on optimum utilization of available areas, PMO MOC has ceased the leasing of its operational areas as container yards for shipping lines to provide more space for efficient cargo handling operations. Meanwhile, PMO MOC has leased some of its real estate assets to raise additional revenues from rentals but likewise ensured that lands within port areas are properly maintained and developed by responsible and qualified lessees.



Ancillary Services includes Pilotage, Tug assistance, Shore reception facility, Watering, Bunkering, Container Transfer, Bagging, Chandling, Checkering and Trucking.


PPA provides a 15,400 sqm. for passenger port facilities which includes: Air-conditioned Pre-Departure Area with seating capacity, Check-in area equipped with an X-ray scanning machine & walk-thru metal detector, With child Care Station; Diaper Changing Area & Kiddie Play Area, VIP Lounge, canteen, food stalls & pasalubong areas, Television sets, piped-in music, Porterage, Ticketing Offices; Field Office of Port Police and Tourist Police; Office of the PTC Supervisor, Pay Parking Area with capacity of 70 vehicles; PUV Queuing Area with 80 slot queuing for Taxi & PUJ; PUV Covered Waiting Area and 60-seater Well-Wisher’s Area.




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