TMO of Camiguin – Port of Benoni

TMO Camiguin – Port of Benoni

The Port of Benoni is located in the southern part of the Municipality of Mahinog particularly at Latitude 9º 08’ 21.3’’ North and Longitude 124º 47’ 40.7’’ East. The port is located along the highway. It caters to domestic vessels and handles rolling cargoes, fuel, bottled and general cargoes. It has direct and regular voyages to Balingoan and is part of the Central Nautical Highway.

Its port facilities include three (3) RoRo ramps, a 71 m. Reinforced Concrete (RC) wharf and 66 m. R.C. pier, a Passenger Terminal Building and Terminal Office, flood lights and solar-based lighting system, among others.

Cargo handling operations is being handled by the Balbagon Arrastre, Stevedoring and Porterage Services (BASPS). Shipping lines serving the Benoni-Balingoan route are Philstone Shipping Corporation, Asian Marine Transport Corporation, Davemyr Shipping Lines and Hijos de Juan Corrales Shipping Lines.